About Us

The Beehive Barrier is a hexagonal, i.e., six sided, barrier that is 24inches wide and up to 8 feet tall. It is made of 20gauge galvanized steel. The Beehive Barrier is manufactured so that it travels flat and folds into shape when it arrives at the point of use. At that time the Beehive Barrier is folded into shape, positioned, fitted with a liner and filled with pack. Pack may consist of sand, dirt or whatever is locally available.
We are continually adding to our capabilities and looking for new ways to serve our customers. Our manufacturers are located as close as possible to the point of use. That saves travel expense and component costs. We warranty the Beehive Barrier for one (1) year as part of our service. Please return the unit to the point of manufacture for a no cost replacement.

Frederick V. Bauerlein is a practicing attorney with a wide array of experiences. In his childhood Fred had the pleasure of helping his dad keep bees. It was his dad’s particular hobby and Fred provided the labor. Years later, and still years ago, Fred joined the United States Army.

The Beehive Barrier is the brain child of Frederick V. Bauerlein. At one time Fred was the sand bag king of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. After watching US forces in Afghanistan filling sandbags during a ground attack Fred realized that there had to be a better way.
Using his military and beekeeping experience Fred came up with the idea of a lightweight semi-permanent barrier that was inexpensive and easy to use. With that he invented the Beehive Barrier.

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